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Foodlogic is an all-in-one solution for restaurant management. 
From customer data, through physical and online ordering, deliveries to branch management of multiple locations - Foodlogic has you covered.
All-in-one place for all of your online and offline orders
Full 360 view of your customers and their order history
In-restaurant POS, menu and inventory system
Complete control over delivery

Ordering made easy.
Management made easier.

Foodlogic's restaurant management platform is here to help.
Empower your customers to order from anywhere. Have all of your orders in one place and manage them with ease using Foodlogic’s restaurant management platform.

In your restaurant

Foodlogic’s complete solution allows you to take orders, manage them, and print receipts right inside your restaurant.

Your website

Integrate your website by just adding one button. Foodlogic’s one-click integration is coming soon to WordPress.

Social media

Get orders from your Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, or TikTok profiles by adding a link to a post or your profile page.

By phone

Foodlogic’s powerful functionality allows you to start a mini call center for your restaurant in seconds.

From your app

Foodlogic’s comprehensive JSON API allows you to integrate your restaurant’s order management with any external app.

Existing platforms

Listed on Foodpanda or Takeaway? All your orders from these platforms are integrated into your restaurant’s Foodlogic.
Customer Insights for Patros

Better customer knowledge means better product offering

You don’t need to worry about collecting customer data, Foodlogic does it for you. No matter where your customers order from, their data is brought together and easy to access so that the next time they call you, you know exactly what to offer them.
Foodlogic can summarize this data as preferred dishes, average order value, location, order frequency, and you can add additional data such as gender if it’s relevant to you.

Business processes automation for your team

Foodlogic empowers you to make use of the rich order and customer data you’ve collected. With the built-in automation suite, you can power up your team to take your restaurant to the next level. See how:

Marketing automation

Automate reminders and promotional messages to customers through Foodlogic’s built-in email and SMS functionality.

Full POS solution

Foodlogic provides both physical and digital Point of Sale solutions that work in unison and keep your data in one safe place.

Social media

Be it a customer query or a survey, with Foodlogic you save time by auto-assigning tasks to the most suitable department.


Send comprehensive notifications to your customers using Foodlogic's powerful notification system.

Start menu

Make your menu smart and empower your users to make the right choice for them through Foodlogic’s technology.

Real-time inventory

Since Foodlogic processes all your orders and inventory, you always know what you have available and where.
Delivery Management for Restaurants

You decide how you want your deliveries to happen

With Foodlogic you are independent of delivery companies. You can start or stop working with any third-party delivery system with the push of a button. Whether you decide to use your own drivers, an external logistics company, or any of the existing delivery platforms such as Foodpanda or Deliveroo, Foodlogic has you covered.

Multiple branches? Manage them with ease.

Are you running a restaurant chain? Foodlogic was built with chains in mind. All of the features can be set to be accessible only within a branch, making it easier to manage without clutter.
Additionally, business owners have a designated easy-to-use and review dashboard where they can monitor all operations happening inside their branches.
Branch Management Software for Restaurant Chains

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